Datelii is a web site for everybody fully free for anyone looking for a real love story.


To sign up, you have to be major . Just click on sign up on the homepage

Yes, datelii is free.

Yes but to avoid everybody FLASH everybody we have put a limit fixed to 30 a day.

Yes, we can !

Your profil need to be validate by our moderator.

Yes, all members subscribe have been verified.

If your account is blocked, it's because it's checked with the moderation team.
Your account may be blocked for any of the following reasons:
-Your face is not visible
-This is a design or logo
-Your outfit is not appropriate, a nude or torsoless person
-It is a known person
-It contains coordinates
-Several people on the picture
-Your description is not suitable
-Your profile has been reported by several members of the site due to abuse.
To make sure your account is validated, put several photos of you.
Attention your profile will appear in the search once the moderation team has re-validated your account.
The moderation team will delete your account if you can not justify that it is you in the picture. It is important not to cheat and above all to respect the conditions and the charter of the site.

Each new registration and change of photos is subject to a check by the moderation team (description, advertisement, photo ...)
This is why you will never see in the search for obscene pictures.
The moderation team ensures that Datelii.com is a "clean" site. We do not tolerate fakes.
Warning your profile will no longer appear in search time as the moderation team validates your account again.

An email containing your login details will be sent to the registration email address on the site.
So check your inbox and your spam folder.
- If you do not receive the email containing your usernames, either the email address is not the correct one, or you are not the account holder.
- If you have lost your email contact us
- If you can not remember your password, you can apply: Click here

Email: You can not edit your email directly. Only the moderation team is able to do so subject to acceptance, the request must be justified (example: error at registration).
- Password: Please go to the "Settings" section of your account.

Fortunately or unfortunately, you can not delete the main photo, just modify it.
Indeed the main photo is MANDATORY.
This is also why you only have profiles with photo.

Simply log in to the site and then go to your profile. You can modify your profile, the ideal is to fill it 100%, the more your profile will be informed and the more you will be visible in the search.
Warning your profile will no longer appear in search time as the moderation team does validate your account again.

f your description has been deleted or modified, it means that it was not suitable for the moderation team against the acceptance criteria.
Your ad has been deleted by the moderation team if:
- It contains insults
- It contains coordinates

If you have received an alert on your webmail meaning that you have a message but it does not appear in your inbox in the site, it is that the moderation team to delete the message as well as the member or that the Member has deleted his account.

To unsubscribe , you need to be logged , then just Click here

By rejecting a flash or removing a contact, you automatically blacklist a member so that it does not bother you any more.
In the blocked list you will have the ability to unlock it.

If a profile appears suspicious, you can click the "Report this profile to moderation team" button.
The moderation team will check and delete unwanted profiles..

To disable email alerts, go to "Settings" You can manage the alerts you want to receive (flash, message).
If you disable alerts, you will need to log on to the site to see if you have a message or a visit.

If you do not receive the alerts in your inbox, either the email address is not correct, or the alerts arrive in the "spam" folder of your webmail.
Be sure to add our email address in your contacts to receive alerts in your Inbox.

We distinguish ourselves by:
Honesty: No fake members, displaying dates of last connections),
The quality: No bug (if you find one, you spend premium member for free for 1 month),
Simplicity: No point system, no popularity,
Speed: Our computer system is one of the fastest,
The reactivated: Our team of moderation is at your disposal and your listening throughout the day.